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By taking the strength of amino acids known as the building blocks of life, hyaluronic acid’s hydration capabilities, and the power of Trehalose, and combining them with the cell signaling power of Exosomes, Kimera has created the “Gold Standard” in cosmetic products.

Used as a topical solution in conjunction with cosmetic-enhancing technologies. Each vial of Vive (5ml) contains several billion exosomes.  
Ongoing research into MSC Exosomes presents a tremendous opportunity for development of biopharmaceuticals by providing a simple mechanism for delivery of therapeutic molecules.

Preclinical studies indicate that the naturally occurring proteins, messenger RNA and microRNA within MSC Exosomes improve the function of aging, injured or diseased cell, tissues and organs. Introduction of other therapeutic agents into these exosomes has also demonstrated impressive results in preclinical research. As an ideal vehicle for delivery, the lipid membrane of exosomes serves not only to protect exosome proteins and RNA from degradation, but also allows exosomes to reach cells in parts of the body that many drugs cannot. For example, exosomes are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and can penetrate solid tissue masses like the thyroid or tumors. Optimizing these properties and the contents of MSC exosomes developed for specific clinical indications may become the future of medicine.

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